Pub life is my long term project about British pubs.
From 2013 to 2019 I've photographed every pub I've been into, in order to tell the stories of the ''Drunk society'' of England. Pubs in U.K are something more, a real institution, most of my ideas and stories came from a pub, usually after a couple of Jack'n'coke. As a beginner photographer, back in the 2012-13 I desperately needed an access point to tell the stories I wanted to find around London, stories of ''real'' people, working class, subculture, raw society, council estates, alienation. Pub it has been the start of everything, where I learned most of the English culture, where I start planning where and who to photograph. There's a whole world in pubs, a particular society running from 9 to usually 12-1, it has precise rules and well defined routines.
The subjects of my serie are winos, drug users, Skinheads, Drag queens, Right wings extremist, rich people of Chelsea, horse's races audience, Teds, council estate's pubs customers. The goal of this project is to have a full immersion in a world that is disappearing, a proper British heritage. 

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