Tevere Grand Hotel is a long project about the people living on the biggest river in Rome
Tiberis, how the ancient Romans use to call it, it was crucial for the development of one of the most important culture in the History.
Since then it always have been the main junction of the city for thousands years, until something changed.
In the last years the old river has been left alone with his fate, almost abandoned and not treated as is deserved to be.
Its rivers are now a city in the city, a parallel world that works different from the Italian capital, a land for people that the city refused, a place where to find a home for people that didn't find it in the city, a place for the Underdogs, physically separated only by a wall.
In this project I've photographed six stories, from the north of the city rivers to were it finish his life into the sea, stories of resilience, passion and brave, people left behind but not defeated.

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