There is few people in London that decided to make a drastic change in their life.
Pushed by many reason they start living in narrow boat on the London's canals. Housing prices are rising constantly, the city is getting busier and busier, the alienation is increasing every year.
Gently down the stream is the story of that people that decided to escape from the traditional house style to live in the river of London Canals.
''This hippie style'' life choice is getting more popular in every city in Uk, is a low impact way of live in the city changing the rules.
There's many stories you can find long the canals: Families that wanted a change, evicted people squatting a boat, millionaires people following an alternative lifestyle, ''pirates'', College students, old people that sold the house exhausted of the busy city, hippies that still living in the same boat from the sixties.
London's canals they extend from suburbs to the city center, and they are a city in the city, a particular society with precise rules and a peculiar spirit.

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