The last Shepherds of Rome is a reportage about the very few last shepherds in town. Despite his ultra chaotic shape Rome used to be an agricultural city back in the days. In this reportage I followed three different stories of who still making his life out of sheep-farming. The stories of this serie reflect a forgotten world, a complete clash to nowadays society, more and more technologic and capitalistic, all of this in the city's center. Live with the product of sheep-farming became almost impossible, the food prices are getting lower and lower, the industrial process killed the business, and those keep working in this business are struggling very bad to have a chance to survive.
During this reportage I've followed Gregorio, a 60 years old shepherd based in Ponte Milvio, Franco, 85 years old, based in Corviale, an infamous council estate, and Mario, a 18 years old Shepherd, one of the really few new generations.     

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