Most of the historical Council estates has been built from the fifties, following the Socialist Idea to give a safe and modern house to every low income family. From the late fifties on, futuristic buildings popped up everywhere in the London suburbs. Huge buildings, often very far from the city center, they where ideally fully furbished small towns in the City, but the reality wasn't so. Situation degenerate quickly, people unrooted from their former areas, dilapidated buildings, non-existent services, the dream became a large dormitory . Margaret Thatcher's 1969 act gave the right-to-buy to the tenants for really convenient prices, that was one of the most controversial British's Laws ever. For sure the situation is not change for better and the huge gentrification of the English Capital is not helping to solve this no ending issue. London's is quickly changing skin, pushed by the substantial investments coming from all over the world. What's the situation of the council estates in London? And then: What is gonna happen next?
This reportage has been shot in a long period of time, from 2013 to 2018, during this time I've travelled most of the iconic and Historical (the ones still alive) Council Estates all over London, the project is is called Utopia.

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